Interspiro Firefighting

About Interspiro Firefighting:

Firefighters around the World rely on our firefighting SCBA/BA sets – and protecting those that protects others is our privilege and pride.

INTERSPIRO SCBA/BA sets are renowned for their durability and performance in extreme working conditions

There are hundreds of thousands of our SCBA/BA sets in use all over the world. All carrying unique features that we were first to develop and introduce to the field of respiratory protection. Many of these features are today standard in firefighting equipment.

In our efforts to improve the safety conditions for firefighters we developed the positive pressure, based on technology from our experience with fighter aircraft breathing systems. Other important milestones include the introduction of SCBA/BA computers and Spirolite composite cylinders.

INTERSPIRO has 90 years of experience with regulator technology and the design of respiratory protection. Since the beginning our mission has been to improve safety for work in non-breathable environments; to protect those that protect others.