Interspiro Diving

About Interspiro Diving:

We developed our first SCUBA set 60 years ago, back in 1948.

Over these past decades we have been in the forefront developing safe, user-friendly, and innovative solutions for professional civilian and military divers.

Today, 60 years later, the latest generation of INTERSPIRO SCUBA equipment – Divator – is still the preferred choice for professional divers around the World.

The INTERSPIRO diving philosophy is a system philosophy. All parts of the breathing circuit – from the full face mask all the way up to the last thread on the DP1 Surface Supply – are tightly integrated. The reason is simple and obvious, to obtain the highest possible safety level for professional divers.

Every day, all around the World, our equipment stands trial to the toughest and most difficult of diving conditions. INTERSPIRO gear divers are not sport divers; they are the best-trained and most experienced underwater professionals on earth.

NASA rescue divers used Divator gear when they salvaged the ocean landing Moon program pods. A wonderful testimony to what we mean when we say top gear for top performers. NASA is still using our equipment; the divers who work with the space walk simulations use Divator MK II – because of its reliability and close fitting design.